Wellness & Beauty


Available every day except Sunday by booking an appointment, also via WhatsApp.

If you are looking for a total relaxation experience. Our massages and treatments are designed to provide emotional, physical, and mental benefits, acting deeply within your being. It will be like receiving a treat for your soul.


Health and wellness treatments


Face and body treatments


Regain a sense of wellbeing

Put your trust in the professionalism of our passionate staff, who know how to pamper your body and take a load off your mind with their expert massages that are the fruit of our years of experience.

Therapeutic treatments


20 min – €25.00

Thanks to warm oils and slight movements all your musculature will be totally relaxed.

Eclectic massage

50 min – €50.00

A synergy of deep manoeuvres, according to the different exigences.
Will help to reduce muscular tensions and will give to your mind and body a deep relax.

Therapeutic treatments

Hot stone back massage

Reduced 30 min – €30.00 
Complete 50 min – €50.00

Hot sea stones and precious and scented oils will make this relaxing massage unique.

Therapeutic treatments

Relaxing foot massage

20 min – €25.00

massaging specific foot points will get energizing and regenerating effects in the whole body.

Draining massage

30 min – €30.00

Improves blood circulation, giving a sensation of lightness.


Face and body treatments

If you want to pamper and improve your skin, tone your body, and turn back the clock on your face, Hotel Cala di Seta has got you covered. Our facial and body treatments are specifically designed and tailored to ensure you have an enjoyable and stress-free vacation.

Face treatments

Face & decolleté

30 min – €30.00

Cuddle your skin with a deep cleansing and peeling to achieve a purifying effect. Enjoy a moisturizing and refreshing experience for soft skin, accompanied by a light massage to give your muscles deep relaxation.

Deep cleansing treatment

60 min – €40.00

Ideal for impure skin it includes cleansing and peeling, squeeze  and a light massage.

Body treatments

Compress + massage

90 min – €70.00

Special combination of compress & massage with the use of scented oil.

Body Treatments

Body peeling with Himalaya salt

50 min – €45.00

Its detox and depurative effects will make your skin smooth and bright. 

Armonya Massage

90 min – €70.00

Relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and promotes inner harmony.


"Sowelo" ritual


  • 60-minute facial treatment + massage

"Mannaz" ritual


  • 60-minute deep relaxing massage
  • 30-minute facial mask + massage

"Armonya" ritual


  • 30-minute coconut peeling
  • 60-minute coconut scented oil massage with hot stones

"Wunjo" ritual


  • 90-minute eclectic massage
  • 30-minute foot relax and detox + massage

"Berkan" ritual


  • 60-minute draining massage
  • 30-minute purifying clay facial mask
  • 30-minute relaxing foot massage
  • Detox tea

"Laguz" ritual


  • 90-minute peeling with Hymalaian salt + scented oil massage
  • 30-minute facial peeling + massage
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