Bisso… the precious Sea Silk of Calasetta

Speaker, East wind, Master, and Grecale,

Take my soul and

Throw it into the abyss

So that my life may be, pray and weave

For every person who goes and comes from me

Timeless. Nameless. Colorless. Without boundaries. Without money.

In the name of the Lion of my Soul and the Eternal Spirit, so it shall be…

Here is the OATH, through which the passage and delivery of the laws of Mastery take place, which prohibits its use for personal enrichment: Bisso is and must remain everyone’s property like the sea.

Bisso has a history that is lost in the mists of time. The Bible speaks of it as King Solomon’s fabric, of Queen Ecuba, and even Aristotle tells of it. For Master Chiara Vigo, Bisso has been a part of her life and will be as long as she lives, keeping faith with the water oath that accompanies it.

For Master Chiara Vigo, Bisso is an art to be preserved and given to the whole world, and indeed she does so. You just have to enter her Museum where she displays her creations and where she still spins and subsequently weaves the precious fiber with the help of an ancient loom, to breathe in the passion for an ancient art. She will show you all the phases of the spinning and weaving process, and you will be ecstatic in observing with how much love she spins and weaves the “gold of the sea”, of which she gives away a strand to those who come to visit her. It is impossible to fathom the secrets of this art that has been strictly passed down from generation to generation, but even more challenging is to match the love that Chiara has for her art and for Bisso.

Bisso is a particularly valuable animal fiber. It is produced by a large bivalve mollusk, called “Nacchera” (Pinna Nobilis) found in the depths of the Mediterranean sea. Its amber and dark color changes if exposed to light, where it becomes golden due to the effect of the sun’s rays.

Visit her Museum, free admission, only 10 minutes by car from the Hotel.. only then can you grasp the greatness that we have tried to describe in words!

Museum of Bisso

Via Regina Margherita n. 111

09017 – Sant’Antioco (CI)

Opening hours:

Morning: from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Evening: from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Free admission. Groups and school groups are welcome (upon reservation).

Contacts of the Bisso Master – Chiara Vigo

Cell.+393473302237 Mail:

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