Dear guests… we’re back!

We were waiting for this new season hoping it would be different from the previous one, but we understand that unfortunately it won’t be so, and believe us, we’re immensely sorry. But let’s not despair, because we’re here, ready to welcome you with lots of news, to smile at you with our eyes, to make your stay unforgettable and worthy of your expectations, worthy of making you forget, even if for a short time, all your problems.

Even mom Chiara is ready and can’t wait to satisfy your palate with her special breakfast that warms the heart together with the Calasetta sun that regenerates us and awaits us every summer, despite the pandemic! And our Valeria is also ready, with her golden hands that will bring you back to life, not the chaotic and frenzied world you’re used to, but a parallel world where every treatment is a cuddle for the body, mind, and soul, where the watchword is relaxation.

This year we want to particularly emphasize experiential tourism, offering you a series of experiences to be lived closely connected with the pristine nature of Calasetta and giving you not only relaxation but an active vacation to fully enjoy. Warm up your engines, because we’re about to start!!!!!

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