Final Greetings

Incredible but true… we have reached October!

Well, you might say “as every year.” But no, dear readers, this year is different. This year nothing was guaranteed, least of all reaching October with still some guests in the hotel. That’s why it’s incredible. Because the titanic feat that was the 2020 season seemed like a mission impossible in April. So we can say… Mission accomplished! And it was possible thanks to you, who decided not to give up and to enjoy your well-deserved vacation, and chose to do it in Italy, in Calasetta. It is thanks to your courage and determination that this strange season ends. And our greatest thanks go to you. Thank you because we know how difficult it was for you to adapt to this new reality, with all these restrictions and the fear of contracting the virus, but you chose us, despite everything. Thank you for the patience and understanding you have shown when we could not offer you what we have accustomed you to in these years. We did our best and we know you understood. And finally, thank you for your positive feedback, for the recognition, and for all the affection shown. Because even if we have to maintain social distancing, your kind words have been the warmest of hugs. Just like your smile when you leave satisfied. A smile that we couldn’t see because of the mask, but that we learned to read in your eyes.

And you? Can you see our smile in our eyes?

Until next spring, dear readers.

We will recover greatly!


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