Here we are at the end of another wonderful season

Autumn made us wait, but it finally arrived, and with it the daily routine in our lives resumes: waking up at dawn, going to work when it’s still dark outside, taking the kids to school and thinking that it seems like yesterday when you were planning your vacation in Calasetta, intrigued by this little corner of paradise still too unknown and eager to discover it. We are sure that just the memory of it will bring a smile to your face! So we ask you to stop for a moment, while you are at work buried in paperwork or at home changing your wardrobe for the season. Stop and close your eyes. Imagine going back in time, and suddenly, as if by magic, you are back in Calasetta. You have just gotten out of the car, taking a deep breath of salty air, and in an instant, you are revitalized. You enter our hotel and are immediately enveloped in the aroma of “mamma Chiara’s cakes,” as she is in her “kingdom” preparing a fantastic breakfast to start tomorrow’s day off right. You are welcomed by our ever-present smile, you feel pampered, and you immediately realize that you have not stumbled upon just any cold hotel, but a family where joy and human warmth reign. After settling into your room and chatting a bit to get to know us, you head straight to the beach for the much-awaited dip in the crystal-clear water that you never want to leave. You return to the hotel full of sand, salt, and enthusiasm. Cooked by the sun and joy. A quick shower, and off you go again, to enjoy the extraordinary evenings that Calasetta offers with its “Tabarchini Tuesdays,” “Calasettani Fridays,” market stalls, Sardinian handicrafts, walks in the port or on the beach, Pilau and CascĂ , dancing, music, and the characteristic serenades. Because here, it’s always a party, and now you know it too. By now, you love Calasetta too.

This is how we want to say goodbye to you and make an appointment for next year: imagining you with a smile on your face as you relive those emotions like a dream to help you through the long winter, with the hope of embracing you again, certain that we have won a place in your heart.

Your affection, the real engine of our work. An immense thank you to everyone!

Chiara, Maria Laura, Claudia, Moira, Valentina, Valeria, Gemma, Cinzia, and Anna.

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