Martedì with the Tabarkini

The “Martedì with the Tabarkini” is now in its third edition and takes place every Tuesday during the summer season. The event showcases the work of local and island artisans and producers, with various products available for sale and display along Via Roma. These products range from all kinds of Sardinian honey to essential oils such as the miraculous Lentisco and Juniper varieties, produced from plants that grow spontaneously in the area. The event also features some of our best cork and woodworking artisans, ironworkers, and stands dedicated to crystals and rare stones of great beauty. Additionally, creators of the famous “Su Coccu” Sardinian amulet jewelry can be found at the event.

To complement the evening’s festivities, local and non-local musical groups perform live at the entrance of the town, providing music for all tastes. Some Tuesdays, visitors may have the privilege of witnessing the famous “Serenate Tabarkine.” Starting from the entrance of the town and moving along Via Roma, through the square, and continuing through the town’s streets, the new generations of Calasettani singers, accompanied by the melodic sounds of guitars and often the accordion, transport listeners to an ancient world of simple, genuine, cheerful, and ironic things.

No one is immune to the charm, joviality, sense of belonging, and love for our roots that these popular songs can convey to anyone who has the honor of hearing them. This is a tradition that is deeply ingrained in the heart of every Calasettano and is nothing more than walking through the town’s streets at night, singing songs that recall our Ligurian origins, most of which are in Genoese dialect, many of which were written by our historic singers, bringing joy, happiness, and hope to the people who live along the streets that the “Corteo” passes through.

Singing has always been a distinctive feature of the people of Calasetta. The elders tell stories of how women used to sing joyfully during any task. Singing, especially during serenades, meant union, community, conviviality, and joy! Come participate, Calasetta is here…

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