Quad Excursions

The Quad experience will allow you to visit enchanting places on the island of Sant’Antioco, hidden spots that cannot be reached by car, trails with an ancient taste… The quad excursion will be an experience that will remain forever imprinted in your heart.

Expert guides will accompany you in the discovery of the fascinating territory and the hidden corners of the island of Sant’Antioco through paths with breathtaking views.


The excursion involves the use of 1 quad every 2 people (duration: 2 hours). Children are allowed from 6 years old, accompanied by 1 parent. It is possible to arrange personalized excursions and itineraries for groups for the whole day, with stops at trattorias, farms, and restaurants by the sea. To book, please contact the hotel by email at caladiseta@tiscali.it or by phone at +39 0781 88304.

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