Sweets and Friendship at Cala di Seta

Claudia, owner and Gina, our dear and loyal guest, as well as a skilled pastry chef, are busy preparing cakes for breakfast! Almond and carrot cake, yogurt cake, Nutella roll… how to start your vacation day off right???

The Hotel Cala di Seta is also and above all this… GENUINE FRIENDSHIP, SHARING and lots and lots of SWEETNESS!!!

These homemade delicacies and much more are served every day with care and dedication by our sweet and smiling Giada, in the spacious Breakfast Room, where your day of pure relaxation and vacation begins in a special way!

Not only your taste buds and sense of smell will be delighted… your breakfast will be accompanied by sweet and light notes that serve as a backdrop to beautiful images and videos of our island and beyond, projected on a large screen.

Many of these shots are proudly donated by our “photographer” guests, who make their “work” and passion available to present and future guests!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again to our pastry chef and photographer guests for their valuable contribution!!!

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