Thanks and greetings

We have almost come to the end of this new, incredible and unforgettable adventure that has been the 2018 working season!!!

We take some time to dedicate these lines to all those who, in a completely personal and therefore unique way, have experienced the Hotel Cala di Seta both as a place to stay for their holidays and as a workplace, just like they have been doing for the past 26 years.

A premise is necessary: we address first and foremost our father, without whom the Hotel Cala di Seta would not have seen the light!

Thanks Dad, with all our heart!

You have given us a great opportunity, which is not granted to everyone: being able to work in an enchanted place, Calasetta, and being able to count on the support and affection of our family!

A heartfelt and loving thanks goes to our staff, who have been accompanying us on this adventure for years, providing a deep and fundamental contribution to the success of our work! Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication with which you face your tasks day after day!

Last but not least, a heartfelt thanks goes to all of you, our dear guests, both new and loyal, who have become friends and part of the family!!!

First of all, we thank you for choosing Calasetta, this town that many still do not know, or where in most cases you arrive after having already visited all of Sardinia, the one that is known to most.

Here is a summary of what our guests tell us from the beginning and especially at the moment of departure:

“But what a wonder! We would never have imagined finding a place as beautiful as this, so genuine, so true, so magical, where everything is close, where everything is within walking distance, where people you meet on the street smile at you and greet you even if they have never seen you before.. where you feel at home! This is a place where the sea and the cliffs are around the corner, where everything is still a bit wild.. here is where the real Sardinia is found..”

This fills our hearts with joy and pride, yes, we are talking about Sardinian pride, the one that makes you feel special because you have had the privilege of being born and raised here, in this land kissed by the Sun, the Sea and the Maestrale Wind that shakes the soul and guides you, if you know how to listen to it..

We thank you for choosing us, the Hotel Cala di Seta, as a reference point from which to set off every day and explore unique and special places!

Our greatest desire every day is that our guests are happy, satisfied and that they carry an indelible memory of us and our land in their hearts! And we really put all our effort into making it happen!

Many times we hit the mark, and that gives us the right drive and energy to continue, other times less. But it is especially those who find something that is not right that give us the key to change and improve, for everything we can do!

We conclude this short text in a simple but focused way:


with all our heart, Maria Laura and Claudia.

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