The Museum of Contemporary Art of Calasetta (MACC)

From a place of blood to a tranquil cradle of contemporary art. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Calasetta (MACC), on the island of Sant’Antioco, is housed in the former municipal slaughterhouse, abandoned for over forty years, and recently renovated and converted to art. The “conversion” bears the imprint of Ermanno Leinardi (1933-2006), its founder (1966), together with Italo Utzeri, Ugo Ugo, and Tonino Casula, a Sardinian artist of the Transazionale Group, who experimented with and united Sardinian artistic research with that taking place in the rest of Europe.

The collection, assembled by Leinardi through exchanges with other artists, summarizes the trends that developed in Europe between 1960 and 1970. Other works were added later. The exhibition is spread over two floors. The tour begins in a room that contains the collection of constructivist art, while an adjacent room contains works of abstract art. The balcony that runs longitudinally along the museum allows for the admiration of a series of large-format works that unfold about six meters above the ground. A skylight floods the entire complex with light, allowing for the reading of the works from different perspectives. The constructivist works are of great value, especially the French ones. Among the artists are Charles Bezie, Sonia Delaunay, J.F. Dubreuil, Jean Leppien, Aurelie Nemours, Claude Pasquer, Yves Popet, Henri Prosi, and Michel Seuphor. Among the Italians are Giuseppe Capogrossi, Piero Dorazio, Lucio Fontana, Bice Lazzari, Paolo Minoli, Achille Pace, Mario Radice, Mauro Reggiani, and Luigi Veronesi.

A dive into contemporary art will be the perfect conclusion to a splendid day spent in the sea of Calasetta, among wonderful places like the cove of Cala Lunga or the nearby and fascinating Mangiabarche, with its rock topped by a famous lighthouse, or even in the beautiful beaches near the city: Le Saline, Sottotorre, and Spiaggia Grande.

Further information: MACC Foundation.

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