Typical dinners with a zero km seafood menu

Dine at the Hotel Cala di Seta

Another amazing innovation this year: Typical dinners with a zero km seafood menu!!!

In past years, our hotel boasted a restaurant with typical cuisine and fresh seafood, which our father had brought to a surprisingly high level for the time with dedication!

Now, we, his daughters, along with our special mother Chiara, are bringing our father’s dream back to life … Spoiling our dear guests by letting them taste all the goodness and authenticity of local products cooked according to the Calasettana tradition!!!

These are two evenings a week where our large breakfast room comes alive with special scents and colors that our guests love!

The menus vary from time to time, but here are some of the dishes that always stand out because they are delicious:

Fregola alla Granseola (Sea goat), the original “Pilau Calasettano”, Fregola with seafood, Fried mixed fish of our fishermen, “Caponata Calasettana” (Calasetta tuna salad, organic Calasetta tomatoes, Calasetta crackers, and fresh basil), grilled fresh tuna steak, and many other delicacies!!!

To accompany dinner, Uncle Antonio’s wine, produced with love and dedication from native vineyards located near Spiaggia Grande, and for a sweet ending, Canestrelli Calasettani and local Moscato or “Piedi di Porco.”

There is another ingredient, the real engine of these evenings and driving force of our work … our SMILE!

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