Quad Excursions

The Quad experience will allow you to visit enchanting places on the island of Sant’Antioco, hidden spots that cannot be reached by car, trails with an ancient taste… The quad excursion will be an experience that will remain forever imprinted in your heart.

Expert guides will accompany you in the discovery of the fascinating territory and the hidden corners of the island of Sant’Antioco through paths with breathtaking views.


The excursion involves the use of 1 quad every 2 people (duration: 2 hours). Children are allowed from 6 years old, accompanied by 1 parent. It is possible to arrange personalized excursions and itineraries for groups for the whole day, with stops at trattorias, farms, and restaurants by the sea. To book, please contact the hotel by email at caladiseta@tiscali.it or by phone at +39 0781 88304.

Ferruccio Barreca Archaeological Museum

The “Ferruccio Barreca Archaeological Museum” (MAB) in Sant’Antioco preserves and exhibits a wide range of artifacts from the island of Sant’Antioco.

Most of the collection refers to the important urban settlement that arose on the eastern shores of the island at the beginning of the 8th century BC and known by the name of Sulky or Sulci, a port stronghold of the territorial district of southwestern Sardinia which, together with the metalliferous sector of Iglesiente, constitutes the sub-region of Sulcis-Iglesiente.

The museum itinerary follows a topographical and chronological criterion centered on the three main components of the urban settlement since its origins: the settlement, the necropolises, and the Tophet. The main topographical nuclei are divided into the three different exhibition halls: Hall 1 dedicated to settlement contexts, Hall 2 and Hall 3 to funerary contexts, respectively of the adult necropolises and the sanctuary with also funerary function of the Tophet.

Within the individual “topographical” nuclei, a chronological criterion has been followed, starting from the oldest finds and reaching the most recent.

Visit the MAB museum website.

MACC Museum

The MACC Museum is a contemporary art museum with its own permanent collection and a schedule of temporary exhibitions. The museum was inaugurated in 2000 by the Municipality of Calasetta with works from the collection donated by Ermanno Leinardi. Established as the MACC Museum in 2011, it documents all trends in abstract art, from lyrical and informal abstraction to geometric abstraction. From the masters of the 1930s (J. Albers, M. Radice, C. Badiali), to adherents of the Concrete Art Movement of the 1950s (Soldati, Veronesi), from the range of groups and collectives involved in the field of Cinematic-Visual art in the 1960s and 1970s (B. Munari, G. Capogrossi, L. Fontana, E. Leinardi, and many others), to the group of Sardinian experimenters (A. Atza, G. Campus, R. Rossi, V. Satta, I. Utzeri, G. Brundu, Z. Calzia), particularly rich in personalities to be rediscovered. The Museum presents a rotating selection of works gathered around specific themes and a series of thematic exhibitions. Among the latest, we remember: Rosanna Rossi, Border Geometries; Carol Rama, She He They.

Next to the MACC Museum is the management of one of the most characteristic monuments of the town of Calasetta: the Savoy Tower, located in the highest part of the town just a few steps from the museum, entirely made of local stone, welcomes on the ground floor the Armenian Archaeological Collection and on the first floor temporary exhibitions dedicated to artistic craftsmanship and the most sought-after design, as well as site-specific interventions. From the terrace above, you can admire a breathtaking 360-degree landscape. The MACC Museum and the Savoy Tower are managed by the MACC Foundation, in which the Municipality of Calasetta participates, chaired by Maricarla Armeni, with the artistic direction of Efisio Carbone.

Territory and culture are not only visual art. That’s why a calendar of events that is enriched, especially in the summer months, diversifies the museum’s offer – with excellence synaesthetics: music, literature, cinema as well as precious moments dedicated to food and wine with proposals such as guided tours of exhibitions and sunset aperitifs with tastings of local products. Space for taste: the museum’s terraces offer exciting locations from which to contemplate the landscape made of sea, sky and fiery reds. Space for meditation: The top of the Savoy tower will host a yoga course organized by the Calasetta gym during the summer months. The museum has a resilient vocation, a permeable space firmly rooted in its territory, in constant listening to the community while looking beyond the sea. To the Giuseppe Frau Gallery, an Iglesias-based collective, the task of studying and creating a mural to be realized outside the museum that expresses these fundamental principles.

Visit the MACC website.

Trekking Excursions in Sulcis-Iglesiente

For those who love trekking, below are a series of itineraries that will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful locations in the southwest of Sardinia….

MANGIABARCHE EXCURSION Medium Difficulty: distance 11km The excursion is specifically designed to follow the west coast of the island of Sant’Antioco. Departure from the beautiful bay of “Spiaggia Grande”, to follow the boundaries of the ancient tuna fishery and observe the lighthouse of “Mangiabarche” and “Nido dei Passeri”. A change of scenery with the view of the cliff coasts, above which you walk to face the so-called “Mercureddu” and “Giuanneddu Mei” sections. The altitude, of course, does not exceed 40 m on the shore, an opportunity to see numerous caves, coves, and natural pools, all distributed over about 11 km of coast (in a straight line). Destination: Cala Lunga.

MALADROXIA – SU SEMAFURU EXCURSION Medium Difficulty: distance 15km A path of great fascination, full of naturalistic stages between limestone islets and sea stacks, of particular impact for the passage from the calcareous coast to the basaltic one, to end with the most impressive volcanic area of the island. Continuous view of the huge Gulf of Palmas between one beach and another for a daring excursion based on sea, environment, history, and archaeology.

HISTORICAL CENTER AND PREHISTORY EXCURSION Medium Difficulty: distance historical center +18km Urban Trekking in the Historical Center of Sant’Antioco. Basilica, Catacombs (the only ones in Sardinia), and the history of the Patron Saint of Sardinia Sant’Antioco Martire + TREKKING excursion on the west coast. It is about 18 km starting from the guided tour of the Tomb of the Giants of su Nìu de su Crobu and the Nuragic Village of Grutt’acqua. Following Porto Sciusciau and the coastal path along the cliff coastline (max 50 m above sea level), where you will encounter the “su Portu de su trigu” cave, “Mezzaluna”, “Arco dei Baci”, and “Totem naturalistico”. Extraordinary beauty, composed of different colors given the variation of the rocky material (Ignimbrite, Quarzotrachite, Andesites, and Rhyolites, etc.), in its about 11 km (in a straight line) of coast, presents some of the most enchanting views that can be obtained on the island.

MASUA – CALA DOMESTICA HIKE Medium Difficulty: Distance 11km The hike starts just before the entrance of the Porto Flavia mine where a steep path leads us to the beautiful cliffs. We then continue uphill along a steep but very scenic trail until we reach an altitude of 250 meters to admire the Pan di Zucchero. We continue with a slight ascent until we reach 315 meters below the peaks of S’ischina and Monte Nai, and after a flat path, we descend into the grove under Punta Buccione. We continue along the trail until we reach Canal Grande, where a steep path allows us to reach the inlet where we can admire the erosion of the rocks and the unique cave of spigole. We return back on the dirt road heading N-E until we intercept a deviation after about 10 minutes. We proceed north and then northwest towards Porto Sciusciau from where we can admire beautiful views overlooking the sea and eventually descend to the cove. From here, we proceed with a slight descent towards NW sighting the tower and the inlet of Cala Domestica which we will reach in about half an hour.

ISOLA DI SAN PIETRO HIKE Medium Difficulty: Historical Center Distance +10 km Guided tour of the village of Carloforte: through its narrow streets, its curious birth and interesting history will be told; its Ligurian peculiarities, from traditions to customs. Next, a guided tour of the LIPU Oasis: a short but intense journey that starts from Cala Fico and crosses the L.I.P.U territory, ending at Capo Sandalo. The protagonist of the entire route is undoubtedly the Falco della Regina, which has been monitored and protected for some time so that it can continue to be safeguarded. Incredible panorama on “organ pipe” rocks whose color varies with the intensity of sunlight. Breathtaking views guaranteed along the entire North West coast of the Island.

N.B. All hikes require trekking clothing and shoes, can vary at the discretion of the guide regarding the hiking target, and can be reduced or changed at the discretion of the customer and/or agency always in agreement with the guide.

For booking, please contact the hotel via email caladiseta@tiscali.it or at the number +39 0781 88304.

Sailing excursion

This wonderful excursion offers you two amazing experiences in our crystal clear waters that you will not easily forget:


Sailing between the beautiful islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro, you will have the opportunity to explore the coasts from the perspective of our world: the sea, the sail, and life on board.

Meals are a source of satisfaction and applause for our on-board chef, who uses only local products from our sea and land, 0 km away and of the highest quality!

Departure from Calasetta at 10:30 am Return to Calasetta at 5:00 pm This is a pleasant experience on a sailboat through enchanting places, during which you can taste the local delicacies offered by the crew and enjoy their constant attention throughout the navigation.

Upon specific request, for groups or events, it is possible to plan alternative destinations:

  • Circumnavigation of the Island of San Pietro
  • Pan di Zucchero (Porto Flavia)
  • Circumnavigation of the Island of Sant’Antioco (including La Vacca and Il Vitello)


“Sunset is a sunrise on the other side of the world”

Departure from Calasetta at 6:00 pm Return to Calasetta at 9:00 pm Evening sail to chase the fabulous sunset to the southwest: the itinerary is carried out between the islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro, depending on weather and sea conditions.

You can dive into the calm and warm sea of the evening, savoring an excellent dinner based on local typical products, while admiring the wonderful sunset colors.

For information, please visit sardiniasailing.com.

To book, please contact us via email at info@sardiniasailing.com or by phone at +39 333 336 7448.

Carloforte Experience

For those who love walking through characteristic alleys of a small village, tasting local dishes with an ancient flavor, Carloforte will be enchanting, a splendid village founded by Ligurian families.

In the company of certified tour guide Natalia, you will immerse yourself in the heart of the village, in Tabarkine culture and an extraordinary naturalistic context…we prefer not to tell you more, but to let you experience it for yourself…

To book, contact the hotel via email at caladiseta@tiscali.it or by phone at +39 0781 88304.

Dear guests… we’re back!

We were waiting for this new season hoping it would be different from the previous one, but we understand that unfortunately it won’t be so, and believe us, we’re immensely sorry. But let’s not despair, because we’re here, ready to welcome you with lots of news, to smile at you with our eyes, to make your stay unforgettable and worthy of your expectations, worthy of making you forget, even if for a short time, all your problems.

Even mom Chiara is ready and can’t wait to satisfy your palate with her special breakfast that warms the heart together with the Calasetta sun that regenerates us and awaits us every summer, despite the pandemic! And our Valeria is also ready, with her golden hands that will bring you back to life, not the chaotic and frenzied world you’re used to, but a parallel world where every treatment is a cuddle for the body, mind, and soul, where the watchword is relaxation.

This year we want to particularly emphasize experiential tourism, offering you a series of experiences to be lived closely connected with the pristine nature of Calasetta and giving you not only relaxation but an active vacation to fully enjoy. Warm up your engines, because we’re about to start!!!!!

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